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When can I move in?

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I move in?

Simply give us a call within one week of when you’re ready to move in and we can secure a move-in date and time that works for you. After you are moved into your Yellowhead Storage unit you can access it at any time! Standard unit access hours are from 8 am to 10 pm daily. Extended and 24/7 access is also available upon request.

Yellwohead - How do I choose the right size storage container?

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We Service a Large Area

Whether you need St. Albert self storage or storage units in Sherwood Park, we have plenty of room for all of our local residents. Compare our prices with other storage facilities, then sign up with us today for cost-effective, secure storage for your belongings!

If you are looking for storage facilities in Edmonton, we provide friendly and efficient customer service, top-security storage, mobile storage options, and competitive pricing. Call us today and store your belongings with Edmonton storage you can trust!